The secret of the Orphanage

There are rumors that there is an abandoned orphanage in the forest near a small town. It is said that the director there sacrificed the souls of his foster children to the devil for eternal life.
2—4 players
75 minutes
from 14 years old
There is a legend about an abandoned orphanage located deep in the forest next to a small town. The legend says that the headmaster of the orphanage sacrificed his pupils’ souls to the Devil in exchange of immortality. Suddenly, one night, the orphanage became empty. A long time has passed since that night, but nobody still dares to go into this forest. You came here to destroy this myth, but once you stepped inside, you felt that you can’t leave anymore. It feels like some kind of unearthly forces are holding you here.... You must reveal the secret of this horrible place as soon as possible, because if you wait any longer, you will be stuck here forever and the orphanage will be filled with silence again. Trust me — staying here is the last thing you want to do...
Age limitations: 14+ years old with parents, 16+ without them